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Kitchen Cabinet Designs – South Bend, IN

Kitchen cabinet design in South Bend, Indiana is very critical to a kitchen remodel. In this article we will provide information about styles, finishes, and resources you will need in planning your kitchen remodel. Cabinets provide are the key to creating the class and elegance that you are looking for in your next kitchen cabinet designs.

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Kitchen Cabinet Styles South Bend, IN

Today’s kitchens come in a wide variety of styles. Most kitchen cabinet styles in South Bend, IN can be classified as either modern or traditional, with many subcategories to choose from.

The style of your kitchen cabinets gives a statement about the home design and will definitely affect the overall look of the kitchen. Some of the popular kitchen cabinet styles include:

Casual Kitchen Cabinets·         Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets·         Cottage Style Kitchen Cabinets·         Country Kitchen Cabinets·         Craftsman Kitchen Cabinets·         European Style Kitchen Cabinets·         Formal Kitchen Cabinets·         French Country Kitchen·         Modern Kitchen Cabinets·         Rustic Kitchen Cabinets·         Shaker Kitchen Cabinets·         Traditional Kitchen Cabinets

These are unique styles which will differently suit different tastes.  Below is a long list of kitchen cabinet styles currently in use, from Old World to modern, and everything in between. Keep in mind that many designers differ in these classifications, and many kitchens simply defy categorization.

What’s Your Style? Often people will select specific elements of different styles to incorporate into their South Bend, IN  custom kitchens, creating an entirely new design of their own making. The most important advice is that you do not contradict the style of your home when choosing a kitchen style. If you have an Old World or Craftsman home, by all means do not install a modern or contemporary kitchen!

antique kitchens

Antique Kitchens

Antique kitchens have distinctive features that come from an earlier period in history. Whether an authentic restoration or a fresh remodel, the unique character of an antique kitchen brings a sense of age and beauty to any traditional home.

arts and crafts kitchens

Arts and Crafts Kitchens

Arts and Crafts kitchens are identified by simple lines, rugged construction, and very little excess ornamentation. The Arts and Crafts movement began in England around 1890 in response to the overly ornate, poorly crafted assembly line furniture of the time, and instead focused on aesthetic simplicity, talented craftsmanship, and impeccable quality.


Asian Kitchen Design

Kitchen cabinet styles featuring Asian-inspired designs are growing in popularity. With their beautiful array of materials and color palettes, Asian kitchen cabinet styles can bring a fresh look to both contemporary and traditional homes.


Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets

Contemporary kitchens, dating from the mid 20th century to the present, are generally composed of minimal ornamentation and flat surfaces. While wood and stone are occasionally used, most materials in contemporary kitchen designs are man-made, including metal, plastic, concrete, and glass.


Cottage Kitchens

Cottage style kitchens tend to be more feminine in appearance than their slightly more rustic country counterparts. Cottage kitchens most often include farm sinks, simple moldings, and painted cabinets without added glazing.


Country Kitchen Design

Country kitchens are made to be used. Their down-to-earth style and lived-in looks make country kitchens among the most comfortable and inviting rooms to be in. Painted and glazed cabinets, farmhouse sinks, beadboard panels, and open shelving are trademarks of country kitchen designs.


Craftsman Kitchens

Craftsman kitchens are created with heavier proportions, straight lines, and reduced ornamentation. The Craftsman style, an American extension of Britain’s Arts and Crafts movement, started in the United States between 1900 and 1930. Recent revivals have reinvigorated the movement, and Craftsman kitchens are growing in popularity for their historic style and quality.


Early American Kitchens

Early American architecture includes the Colonial, Georgian, and Federal styles of about 1640 to 1840. Early American kitchens compliment those architectural styles with straight lines and uncomplicated designs.


European Kitchen Cabinets

European kitchen design involves contemporary styling and industrial looks. European kitchen cabinet styles tend to be minimalistic and highly functional. The cabinetry often includes accessories designed for efficient use of space, as many European kitchens are more condensed than their American counterparts.


French Country Kitchens

French country kitchens portray the beauty and character of rural France. With natural materials and earth tones foremost in the color palette, a country French kitchen design creates the perfect space for comfortable living and authentic cooking.


Gourmet Kitchen Design

Gourmet kitchens are luxury environments that are made for cooking. Professional appliances, a large working island, and secondary sinks are arranged to create a true gourmet kitchen design.


Italian Kitchen Design

Nothing captures the cozy feelings of family and food like a warm Italian kitchen design. With the rich colors and textures of the old country, Italian kitchens make an inviting environment for both cooking and conversation.


Log Home Kitchens

The best log home kitchens combine the beauty and artistry of wood with the utility of metal and stone. Truly an integral part of the house, a log home kitchen bridges the gap between nature’s untamed beauty and our desire for an incredible place to cook.


Luxury Kitchen Design

Today’s expensive homes are only as luxurious as the kitchens they enclose. For the most valuable room in the house, a luxury kitchen design calls for extraordinary details along with the use of rich materials and colors.


Mexican Kitchen Design

Mexican kitchen cabinet styles are as bold and spicy as the cuisine and culture of Mexico. Hot colors, adobe style influences, and a welcoming cooking environment are essential to achieving an authentic Mexican kitchen design.


Mission Style Kitchens

Mission kitchen cabinet styles are marked by simple, clean lines and durable construction. The term “Mission” can refer to a number of different historic styles, but most people equate it with the Craftsman style.


Modern Kitchen Designs

Modern kitchen cabinet styles feature flat surfaces, geometric forms, and minimal ornamentation. While wood veneer and stone are occasionally used, materials in modern kitchens are more often man-made, including plastic, metal, concrete, and glass.


Old World Kitchen Designs

Old World kitchen designs borrow from the vast array of styles from European history prior to the year 1600. Period materials such as stone, brick, iron, and hammered copper bring a sense of weight and history to Old World kitchens.


Retro Kitchen Designs

Retro kitchen designs are made to revive the nostalgic fashions of the past. Retro kitchen appliances, old-fashioned telephones, classic memorabilia, and even retro futuristic designs can be used to complete the picture of today’s creative retro kitchens.


Rustic Kitchen Designs

The beauty of rustic kitchens is not limited to mountain cabins. Taking different forms in various regions of rural America, rustic kitchen design embraces the country lifestyle with hearty construction, warm colors, and real wood with plenty of character.


Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

The Shaker style pre-dates the Arts & Crafts style by more than 50 years. A popular option in today’s kitchen remodels, Shaker kitchen cabinets resemble the Arts & Crafts / Craftsman styles that feature minimal ornamentation and clean lines.


Traditional Kitchen Design

Traditional kitchen cabinet styles include a variety of historic designs from European and American architecture over the past three centuries. With an elegant and formal appearance, traditional kitchen design often features detailed molding, rich wood cabinetry, and period styling.


Transitional Kitchens

Transitional kitchens combine both contemporary and traditional design features to create an updated look. Not too modern, and not too old-fashioned, the transitional kitchen is for those who want their style “just right”.


Tuscan Kitchen Design

Tuscan kitchen design derives its look from Tuscany, a region in Central Italy known for its beautiful land, cultural legacy, and culinary tradition. Tuscan kitchen designs have become increasingly popular as people come to enjoy the comfortable warmth and historic beauty of a Tuscany kitchen.


Unique Kitchen Designs

Unique kitchen cabinet styles involve distinctive elements that make these kitchens one-of-a-kind. Unique kitchen designs ultimately follow the tastes of the homeowner, from Nautical to Impressionistic, Victorian to Steampunk (shown).


Victorian Kitchens

Victorian kitchen design draws its influence from the ornate furniture styles named for Queen Victoria of England who reigned from 1837 to 1901. Victorian kitchens are graceful and elegant with elaborate carvings and gothic ornamentation.


Vintage Kitchens

Vintage kitchens are authentic renovations of kitchens from an earlier era. Vintage kitchen appliances, old-fashioned telephones, and period décor come together to accurately restore the vintage kitchens of the past.

Real Wood Kitchen Cabinets·         Alder Kitchen Cabinets·         Cherry Kitchen Cabinets·         Hickory Kitchen Cabinets·         Maple Kitchen Cabinets·         Oak Kitchen Cabinets·         Pine Kitchen Cabinets·         Walnut Kitchen Cabinets·         Fiberboard Kitchen Cabinets·         Glass Door Kitchen Cabinets·         Laminate Kitchen Cabinets·         Painted Kitchen Cabinets·         Thermofoil Kitchen Cabinets·         Metal Kitchen Cabinets·         Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets·         Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets South Bend, IN- Kitchen Cabinet finishes colors, systems, and topcoats are the ultimate consideration to the quality of the cabinets. The various finishes include the satin finish, stain/glaze, foils and acrylics among others. The quality of the finishing chosen will, in the long run, be worth the investment or prove to be a waste of your hard-earned cash. Here are some example kitchen cabinet finishes we recommend:

A huge revolution has been happening in the kitchen cabinetry and the emerging trends are simply amazing. The fold out storage, for instance, is a storage trick that saves on space while maintaining order. Recycling options and lift up cabinets are other trends that are making the cabinetry more and more interesting.

Kitchen cabinetry encompasses more than meets the eye, it is, therefore, important to take time and South Bend, IN kitchens.

Kitchen Cabinet Resources |South Bend, IN

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